Fix N.S.W. Transport!

Gong Shuttle bus service

The New South Wales government announced that standard Opal fares will apply on the formerly-free Gong Shuttle (Wollongong route 55, green line on this map) from 29 January 2018. There was an offer from The University of Wollongong and Wollongong City Council to fund the service jointly. But the offer was considered insufficient and fares are back on the agenda, possibly from early July.

Map of Gong Shuttle bus route

The service is popular, not only on weekdays. It obviously removes many hundreds of car trips daily from Wollongong streets, with environmental social and economic benefits. Unsurprisingly, residents would like it to be free again.

Help us persuade the NSW government to reverse the decision.

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!