Fix N.S.W. Transport!

Ban Buswrap!

Many buses and some trams have most or all of their passenger windows covered with a perforated plastic film which has an advertisment printed on the outside. A few trains have been seen with some windows covered; what lies ahead? Someone coined the name "skinned" for wrapped buses and trains.

Unfortunately, the perforations fill with water in wet weather and become little lenses preventing the passengers from seeing out through the window. As a result, passengers can't see the surroundings, don't know where the bus is and might even miss their stops. Yet the official attitude of Transport for NSW under minister Andrew Constance is to deny the problem.

Ban buswrap! Advertising that obstructs passengers' views should not be allowed.

We were amused to see that the former Premier's 2015 election bus was fully wrapped - Learn more ... Did Mr Baird notice the loss of vision in the rain? [Mr Baird's bus was tagged by graffitists - see our graffiti page. The corresponding Labor bus was untouched.]

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!