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Sydney Inner West Bus Privatisation

It was announced on 15 May 2017 that, because a high rate of complaints about Sydney Buses services around the inner western suburbs had persisted, those buses were to be privatised. The official euphemism is "franchised". The successful tenderer, Transit Systems, took over in July 2018. The minister contends that bus services will become better quickly.

In theory, ownership details of the buses etc. shouldn't have to concern passengers. Operators should be free to curry favour with governments by appearing efficient and profitable - cutting wages and creating book profits by writing-up their bus fleets. Unfortunately, private operators have a reputation for cutting corners by pruning lightly-patronised services such as weekends and late nights. So it is quite reasonable to question the proposed privatisation.

Finally, is it certain that costs savings will result from privatisation? Some researchers don't think so. Learn more...

We understand that Labor politicians in England want rail privatisations reversed. That might happen here.

No-one has explained why the government thinks that bus services and other transport facilities should be privatised whereas sports stadiums should be developed by public money.

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!